Richard Stewart describes his process in painting residential properties and what he does to make his customers happy.

Painting Residential Properties

As you can see from the below video we take pride in the many happy customers and testimonials. We find that the success of any paint job starts with finding out exactly what is needed and wanted from the customer. Then, it is a matter of good communication throughout the job to make sure we deliver what is wanted.

House color is of course very important to any homeowner. Part of our success in residential painting is taking the time to help you get the “perfect colors” for your home. One of the ways we achieve this is by putting up samples for you. This way you can see the paint color on the actual surface to be painted.

While the standard prep work of any job is occurring, we work with you on choosing the perfect color. One suggestion to help you get started: for exterior colors just drive around the neighborhood and find a house you like. I have customers all the time give me an address where I will go by and match the color.

One should also work with the permanent colors you already have: your roof color and any stone work, brick color or other hardscape that is part of your house. For example, a black or grey roof works well with “cooler colors”.

But of course the first step on your paint job is a phone call to Richard Stewart!
(818) 951-1181