Using Paint Colors to Change the Feeling of Room

How Paint Changes Feeling in RoomHave you ever walked into a room and instantly felt relaxed, energized or otherwise different? You may not believe it at first, but chances are it had something to do with the color of the room’s paint!

Choose your paint colors wisely to inspire moods, create the illusion of a larger space or help your guests feel cozy.

Set the mood

Paint color can change the vibe of a room. Cool blues are relaxing because they remind us of the ocean. Green, which evokes nature, has a similar effect. By contrast, bright yellows and oranges tend to make people feel more energetic – they’re a great choice for breakfast nooks or exercise rooms.

Enlarge a room without increasing its square footage

There are several things you can do with paint to make a room look bigger than it actually is. Light colors tend to make a room appear larger, particularly cool colors like icy blue. Bright colors have the same effect, if they don’t have brownish undertones. You can also try painting the walls, ceiling and trim different shades of the same color—the blending of the different shades is a great way to make a room appear more spacious.

Get cozy

Coziness is a major trend in home décor, and you can get the look by using darker paint colors. Just make sure to paint the trim in the same color, so the room looks personable and homey yet roomy at the same time.

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