3 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Ceiling

Painting your ceiling can do wonders to your home. Although most homes boast simple, white ceilings, a painted ceiling can be a bold and unique way to renovate. Here’s how:

Accentuate your current architecture3 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Ceiling

For homes with ceiling joists or slanted ceilings, a little bit of color can further accentuate the beauty of those architectural features. This can be especially the case in a room with neutral walls, a bold ceiling will look incredible, without overpowering the space.

Be bold

Interested in playing with a bold color, but worried that it will be too overwhelming in your space? Paint the walls in a light, neutral hue and then add your pop of color on the ceiling. From vibrant yellow to lime green, there are so many beautiful colors that most of us are afraid to try. Be bold and extend this color above your head for a unique and attractive look that isn’t too overwhelming on the eyes.

Extend your space

If you are looking to make a smaller room bigger, one often overlooked strategy is painting the ceiling to match the wall color. This extension of the walls will help to make the room feel fuller, and larger.

When it comes to styling your ceiling, the possibilities are endless. Contact Richard Stewart Painting at 1-818-951-1181 to get started on your interior paint project today.

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