How to Create a Color Palette for Your Whole Home

Picking one color is hard, creating a color scheme for one room is even more difficult, but deciding on a color palette for your entire house? Downright impossible. Many homeowners balk at the idea of trying to pick out a whole color scheme for their home, often becoming overwhelmed by the countless possibilities and color combinations. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. While deciding on a color palette for your whole home will never be easy, it can be accomplished by following these steps: 

Start with one color for your biggest, most centrally located room 

How to Create a Color Palette for Your Whole Home

If you try to decide on your entire color scheme right away, you’re bound to get overwhelmed. Instead, it’s better to narrow it down, starting with one color for your biggest, most centrally located room (either your kitchen or living room). It can be a soft, pastel color or a bold, bright hue; whatever color you decide on for that room, match your other rooms to that main color. 

Use different shades of the same color 

Once you decide on the main color for your kitchen or living room, you can then work on building the rest of your color palette. You can do this by using different shades of your main color in each room. This is an easy to way to ensure that each room matches the next, and that you have a good flow moving throughout your home. 

Keep connecting spaces neutral 

Rooms should be different shades of the same color, but connecting spaces such as stairways and hallways should remain neutral (think white, beige, or greige). If, however, you’re using neutral colors throughout your home, then you can use the same method you would with your rooms by keeping connecting spaces a few shades darker or lighter than the main color.  

Test it out 

No matter how much research you’ve done to create the perfect color palette, you still want to test out your designs before painting. Get some samples of your favorite colors and then paint a section of the walls in each room. You can also get a piece of paper and place each color on that paper to see how each color complements the next. 

When you’ve finally decided on a color palette, it’s then time to get those colors on the walls. To do so, consider contacting a professional painting contractor such as Richard Stewart Painting. With over three decades of experience painting residential and commercial interiors, we can help you paint your home with ease. Give us a call today at 1-818-951-1181 to get started. 

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