How to Improve Your Home Décor this Spring

Spring is a time to reevaluate your home decor. You’ll already be cleaning out your home, so why not redecorate it as well? Here, we provide some home decor tips you can try this spring season:

Rearrange your furnitureyoung couple painting walls of their home

Even if you don’t have it within your budget to buy new furniture, you can still get a fresh feeling in your home by rearranging your current furniture. Just moving one piece can completely alter the look in your room. Take a quick walk through your home and see which rooms could use a fresh look.

Introduce spring themes

Bring the spring season indoors with some spring-themed items! These don’t have to be big items either. A bouquet of flowers, a stuffed Easter bunny, or even flower-themed pillows for your sofa will all work. Stop by your local Joann’s or Michael’s store to find cute little knick-knacks for your home that reflect the spring season.

Repaint your home

Spring is the perfect time to repaint your home. Not only will it provide a new, bright look to your rooms, but it will also be easier to paint when you can open the windows. This is especially true if you want to paint the exterior of your home and need good weather to do so!

At Richard Stewart Painting, we believe this is the time of year to rejuvenate all areas of your life, so give us a call today about the ways we can freshen up your house.

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