How to Talk to Your Landlord About Painting Your Apartment

Most people assume that you can never paint your apartment. But this is not always the case. There are many landlords who will be open to the idea, so long as you play your cards right. Here’s how to get started:

Check your lease firsta close-up of someone painting a wall with a roller

When you’re living in an apartment, you can never just make changes and not tell the landlord. After all, it’s their property and they should get the final say. So first, check your lease to see if there are any rules or regulations when it comes to painting your apartment. If there is nothing in there about painting, then it’s time to go talk with your landlord.

Be open to compromise

When you talk to your landlord, don’t just walk up to them and demand to paint your room. There needs to be something in it for them, so be open to compromise. For instance, your landlord may allow you to paint, but only to paint in neutral colors. Others may request that you repaint before you move out. Determine what you’re willing to do for a fresh coat of paint and suggest these compromises when you speak with them.

Emphasize the money-saving factor

When a tenant paints the apartment, then it’s up to them to pay for it. As such, the landlord will be saving money in the long run. This is especially the case if the tenant has to repaint before they move out. If you emphasize this point, then your landlord will be more likely to agree to your demands.

Detail how you will paint

Many landlords are hesitant about letting tenants paint because of the mess it could make. They don’t want floorings or cabinets to be splattered with paint when the tenant moves out. As such, go through your exact plan with your landlord. Promise to use drop cloths to protect the rest of the apartment or provide the name of the company you will hire to do the painting.

Many landlords may be more willing to let you paint if you hire a professional to do the job. At Richard Stewart Painting, we can transform your apartment to make it a happier, brighter space. Contact us today to learn more!

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