Four Steps for Painting Your Rental

paintbrush with paint color options behind itWhether you live in an apartment or townhouse, chances are the colors on the walls of your rental are not what you would hope. However, just because it’s a rental doesn’t mean you’re stuck with those colors. Many people that rent are allowed to paint so long as the landlord is aware and approves of the improvement.

If you are eager to paint your rental space, there are various things to consider before you dip your brush in.

Step One: Read Your Lease

Your lease should indicate whether or not you’re allowed to paint the space you’re renting. You should review your lease and see what it states about painting or making changes to the space. If you find that it is unclear or doesn’t say if you can one way or another, proceed to step two.

Step Two: Ask Your Landlord

Many landlords, especially if you’ve been a reliable tenant, will be willing to compromise with you. Plus, some landlords are also appreciative when tenants are willing to paint because it improves the rental space. Make sure to get your landlord’s approval in writing so that he won’t be able to use it as a claim to keep your full security deposit when you move out.

Step Three: Get Specific

If your landlord is okay with you painting your rental, ask him if he has a color scheme preference. Many landlords will allow you to paint if they approve the choice which is understandable. The landlord owns the property so he wants it to be well-maintained. Decide on a color together so that there are no surprises.

Step Four: Paint!

Once you obtain the approval of your landlord, all that’s left is to pick up the brush! If you want to get the job done right, consider hiring professional painters to come in and take care of your space. Your landlord will appreciate your willingness to make sure the paint job looks perfect.

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