Preparing Your Home for the Real Estate Market

If it’s time to say goodbye to your current home and move on to a new neighborhood, you’re likely preparing your property for the real estate market. No matter how old your house is or what it looks like right now, there are a few simple yet effective things you can do to dramatically increase its value. Beyond making your home worth more, we’re here to provide you with a few low-cost tips that can help attract more buyers to your property in the first place.

Paint your wallsclose up shot of wooden placard with sale sign in front of modern cottage

One of the first things you should do is inspect the exterior and interior walls of your house and determine whether or not they could use a fresh coat of paint. If you have any areas that are chipped, cracked, or appear faded and old, it may be time to repaint. You can even take this time to enhance the look of specific rooms by adding an accent wall. Remember, you can also make rooms appear larger by choosing brighter paint colors for your walls, which will appeal to most buyers who are looking for a lot of space.

Clean your home

In addition to repainting both the inside and outside of your home, you also need to make sure every inch of the property is clean. Your floors and countertops should be sparkling, and you shouldn’t have any unnecessary clutter lying around. No one expects a house to stay perfectly clean, but potential buyers won’t be able to get a good sense of the rooms if you have odds and ends stacked high to the ceiling.

Improve your curb appeal

Before listing your home, you need to pay special attention to the exterior of your property. In addition to repainting the exterior walls, you should also make sure the landscape is in good shape. Get rid of any weeds around your lawn, trim excess branches and bushes, clean your driveway, and complete any other minor landscaping projects you’ve been meaning to get to.

Follow these tips and you can increase the odds of selling your home at a great value. And if you need a helping hand, Richard Stewart Painting is here for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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