Tips for Painting Your House a Unique Color

The housing world is saturated with neutral tones and earthy shades. We see white, brown, and beige more than any other colors when it comes to the exterior of houses, and yet there are thousands of colors at our disposal.

Unfortunately, homes with bright lime green and hot pink exteriors have ruined much of the idea for having uniquely colored houses. People are afraid their home might be an eyesore, when, if done right you can make a home stand out with a unique flavor to it that no other house around will have.Door and windows with flowers on the yellow facade of the house

Focus on the shade

It’s all about looking at shades. The best thing to know is that everyone loves lighter shades, but not too light to the point of being bright. A light pink makes people think of happy things, but a hot pink forces people to wear sunglasses when passing your house. You also generally want to avoid dark shades too. Everyone tends to think of dark shades as scary or menacing, especially with a house. Forest greens and even a dark grey can make people think you’re a witch or you live in one of those haunted houses.

Use unique colors as an accent

If you’re still unsure, you don’t have to paint your whole house a unique color. Instead, you can invest in just painting a door, or windows, or both. It adds a bit of flair and flavor to the house without fully committing to a color you might hate. When adding a touch, you do actually want slightly darker colors, such as crimson or a royal blue, unless the rest of your house happens to be a grey.

No matter what you decide though, remember that you can step outside the normal white and beige colors! There are many colors out there, so take advantage of them. Contact Richard Stewart Painting today for all your home painting needs!

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