What Does Your Interior Paint Say about Your Business?

21290471_SThe colors you choose for your office interior can have a bigger effect on your visitors and clients than you realize. Bold, soft, or dramatic hues can make or break a perception of your business. First impressions in business are everything, so what do your walls say about you?

Color choices create an atmosphere

Color choices can reflect the atmosphere of your business from the moment your clients or employees walk in the door. The effects of your pallet are both instinctive and subliminal and can trigger both positive and negative responses. Your colors should reflect you. Corporate clients expect a more professional tone of creams and beiges, giving off a refined, sophisticated look.

They can play to your audience

Your interior paint color can play to your audience. Remember: they expect responsibility and confidence when entering your office space. Contemporary colors speak vibrantly in small businesses. After all, you want to stand out and catch the eye of walk-in clients looking for a new and unique experience. Accessorizing with an even bolder orange, yellow, or red trim can take your space from acceptable to extraordinary.

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