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Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home: Tips on Selecting Colors that Complement Your Home’s Architecture and Interior Design

Home painted by Richard Stewart In LA

The right color palette can turn your living space into the cozy vibe that you’re looking for, enhancing architectural features, and reflecting your personal style. At Richard Stewart Painting, we understand the importance of selecting colors and delivering a professional paint job to your home that not only beautifies but also harmonizes with your home’s… Read more »

Tips for Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

There are few rooms more fun to paint and decorate than children’s room, and this comes down to one simple reason: kids are fearless when it comes to color. There are many incredible ways you can design your child’s room. Here are some tips to get you started: Let Your Child’s Personality Shine Through Whether… Read more »

How to Correctly Use Paint Samples

Whether you have just moved in or you’ve been there for twenty years, repainting a home can greatly transform your space. However, it can also feel like a huge commitment. Sure, it can – and eventually will – be colored over in the future, but that doesn’t mean that you want to put a color… Read more »

Tips for Painting an Accent Wall

Accent walls are an easy, stylish way to make the interior of your home stand out. By adding a pop of color to an otherwise dull room, you can dress up your living space in no time. Nevertheless, you can’t just paint any wall any color you want. Before you get started, check out these… Read more »

8 Essential Painting Tools

Only a bad workman blames his tools, as the saying goes, but sometimes the tools really are to blame. While they won’t turn a terrible painter into a brilliant one, having the right tools on hand will improve the quality and accessibility of the job at hand. So, if you’re planning on repainting your home… Read more »

Why Surface Preparation is Important Before Painting

About to paint your home? Before you grab those brushes and rollers, take some time out for surface prep. Full surface preparation includes cleaning, repairing, sanding, patching, masking and priming. The process may be time-consuming, but it’s an essential step. An estimated 80 percent of paint failures are due to improperly preparing the surface. Here’s… Read more »