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Four Steps for Painting Your Rental

Whether you live in an apartment or townhouse, chances are the colors on the walls of your rental are not what you would hope. However, just because it’s a rental doesn’t mean you’re stuck with those colors. Many people that rent are allowed to paint so long as the landlord is aware and approves of… Read more »

The Best Colors for Your Children’s Rooms

If you are considering painting your child’s bedroom, the possibilities of paint colors to choose from are endless. Children have wild imaginations and if you let them choose the color, it’s hard to predict what you might end up with. However, we put together a few options of paint colors that are ideal for children’s… Read more »

Are Paint Fumes Harmful?

Are Paint Fumes Harmful?

Everyone loves the look of a fresh coat of paint, but what they don’t love is paint fumes. An unfortunate byproduct of fresh paint, paint fumes can quickly consume a whole room. This causes many people to wonder, how safe are paint fumes? Is breathing them in harmful to your health? Here we address those… Read more »