Getting Your Exterior Ready for Summer

The long awaited summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home. The spring cleaning is complete and the furniture is rearranged. Family and friends will be visiting for your summer graduation, reunion, or weekend BBQ. When they pull up for the events you have planned, have them stop in… Read more »

Exterior Color Trends for Your Home

There are trends everywhere we look – fashion, food, TV shows, etc. They’re an unavoidable fact of life, especially with social media sites like Pinterest creating trends and making them popular. As you’re all probably well aware, the color of paint is also a big trend. However, many people associate painting trends with the INSIDE… Read more »

How Your Home Could Benefit from Solar Panels

The sun is the greatest source of energy in our solar system, so why not take advantage of that when it comes to powering your home? At Richard Stewart Painting, we can equip your home with state-of-the-art solar panels that will completely transform your property for the better. But just what are some of the… Read more »

Solar Energy and the Middle Class

At Richard Stewart Painting, we care very deeply about solar energy and power, and since 1983, we’ve been in the business of enhancing homes with cost efficient and energy saving solar panels. By utilizing this technology, you will see a significant decrease in your energy bill. Not just that though, you will also be helping… Read more »

Discover the Perfect Paint Color for Your Property’s Interior

While the color of your home’s exterior paint is important, it’s the interior that you will spend the most time looking at. That’s why it’s extremely important to take the time and discover the perfect paint color for your property’s interior. If you need some helping picking the colors for your home or business, take… Read more »

Paint Project for Korean War Vet

An 82 year old Korean war vet, Marvin Fry, was recently chosen to be honored for the Paint it Forward project. This project takes nominations from the community for helping someone with a paint job each year for the past four years of time. This year the vet was chosen to help fix up his… Read more »

Solving Spaces with Paint

Sometimes, the easiest solution for brightening up a home or adding that new kind of flair is just a can of paint. Interior and Exterior painting truly can go a long way for changing the entirety of how you feel about spaces in your home. Even something as simple as some fresh paint and a… Read more »

Soup Kitchen Repainting

It’s amazing to see how a city block or a neighborhood can perk up when a fresh coat of paint is applied to one or more buildings. Homes and other large buildings make up the backdrop of any street scene and some bright new colors can change the entire atmosphere of an area. Here at… Read more »

Rehabilitation through Painting

Artistic expression is a noble pursuit no matter where you live. Not only does it give one an effective outlet for personal expression, building an artistic community can help lead to the revitalization of a town or city. Here at Richard Stewart Painting, we always notice how a street or city block looks just a… Read more »